MOSI Tekstil

Headquarter (Sarnıç): +90 232 251 4141

+90 232 281 6480

About Us

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As one of the Turkey’s leading companies, Mosi Tekstil has become one of the top ten ready-to-wear exporters in İzmir which had started with a team of three in 2004. As having succeeded to be one of the first 1000 exporters in Turkey since 2011, it has increased it’s production capacity to 1.2 million by the end of 2018, and continuing to grow while targeting client’s satisfaction without compromising on the production quality.

We are moving strongly on the way to becoming a brand that is respectful to people and environment, adheres to the principles of  sustainability and product responsibility, implementing innovation not only in production but in all stages, through our İzmir, Urfa and Albania factories producing  70% Womenswear, 30% Menswear and Kids’ Clothing.


We are an establishment which follows the latest via focusing on details and continuous progress, product engineering in the field and Industry 4.0 applications, and in the areas of R&D, Design applications as services provided.


We have created a culture to become the first choice of clients that understands the client and creates timeless designs for the fast changing world.

Meet Our Wonderful Team

As Mosi Tekstil, we believe happy employees make happy clients. We are increasing our profits everyday creating a sustainable future in the sector through our employees who bring more value, put forward more creative ideas, own Mosi as their own. We are taking firm steps forward to become a strong brand with all our employees.